What is this goat rodeo?


Katie Elzer-Peters, Ringleader

I am a copywriter, author, editor, book packager, and marketing professional who makes my entire living with a laptop, a phone, and a collection of color-coordinated Tervis Tumblers. 

For years I worked 24/7, checking email while eating dinner with my husband and making phone calls while watching television with my visiting parents.

I was perpetually exhausted, scared about what was coming next, and worried that if I didn't work ALLOFTHETIME I would be broke.

That sucked for me and I'm sure it does for you too.

I made a change and figured out how to run my business instead of letting it run me.

Now I'm sharing my secrets to maintaining full time employment while getting to enjoy my life. This is NOT a "work four hours per week and you're set" type of place. I work hard, but now I get to play hard (if your definition of playing hard is jamming to Harry Styles and going to bed at 9pm).

If you're 100% happy with the way your business is operating, cool. If not, stick around. 


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Photography by Kirsten Keller Boehmer