Tools I Can't Live Without

I have come across some awesome tools during my time freelancing and I want to share those with you. Some of the links are affiliate links, and if you purchase the services or items, I will receive a small commission. (Those are indicated.) I only recommend products and services that I just love and am sure will make your life tons easier!

Acuity Schedudling

I honestly don't know how I lived without this scheduling software. It has given me back at least an hour a day, easily. No more "oh this time works for me what time works for you oh that time doesn't work for me now what works for you" when scheduling calls. (affiliate)



You have probably heard of dropbox but maybe not. It is an online file storage service that makes it easy to access your files from anywhere, provides instant online backup, and allows you to easily share files for download. They also have a desktop app so you can automatically synch files on your computer with your dropbox.

ADobe Sign

How do you avoid getting screwed out of payment? Make sure you have a signed contract in hand before you hit the ground running. Adobe Sign is a super cost-effective e-signature program that allows you to upload word doc contracts, convert them to PDF and allow your client to e-sign. The software emails you a completed copy. EASY PEASY!

Mail Chimp

If you want to get more speaking gigs by emailing a list, keep in touch with customers and readers via a newsletter,  give your blog visitors a free PDF, or email more than 10 people at one time, you need MailChimp. It's free for the first couple thousand subscribers, and it is super easy to use and handy! (affiliate)



I am a writer but I still need grammar checks from time to time. Lots of freelancers need to do LOTS of writing but they are not writers. Maybe you are not. 

Make sure that you don't make a rookie mistake with their/they're/there in your deliverables. Run them through Grammarly.


Make your own graphics without having to pay an arm and a leg. Set up templates so that you can generate your own "memes" from week to week to build your audience on Instagram. Create simple flyers and portfolio graphics. Canva is awesome and it is FREE!