8 Tips for Ensuring Quality Time off

8 Tips for Ensuring Quality Time off

Hey y'all! (I live in North Carolina. We say y'all.)

I made you a little some somethin'

To cut right to the chase, it is a FREE guide to taking quality time off. If you want to skip my story about why this is so important to me and why I am sharing it with you  can immediately get it here. 

If you're thinking, "Why do I need that guide?" here's more:

A little story:

For YEARS, approaching a decade, I worked ALL. THE. TIME. It was RIDICULOUS. When I first started freelancing I also had a full time job, so I kind of had to work a lot. Almost all of the time. But, for a long time past when I needed to, I still did. 

I was scared that if I didn't I wouldn't have enough work. 

I was scared that if I didn't I wouldn't get everything done. 

I was scared that if I were not available to my clients all of the time they would fire me.

I probably felt guilty that I didn't have a "real" job so I needed to work more to make up for it. (HOO BOY let me tell you, I am much more productive now than I ever was at a "real" job. No work = no pay is a powerful motivator.)

I also started with super duper low paying gigs so I needed huge volume to make enough money to live. But,  again, long after I had better paying work I kept working 24/7/365. 

That came to a quasi head when one of my family members was diagnosed with a terminal disease. I no longer worked evenings and weekends when I was around that person. 

BUT I still worked all of the rest of the time. 

Until, at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with MONO and I was heading toward a definite case of diabetes from being overweight. WHO GETS MONO AS A 37 year old? 


Who exercises all of the time but is still humongous? 


I had to make a change, and that change, for me, was to stop working weekends. Period. The end. 

ERRRRRRBODY needs time off, but most freelancers are afraid to take it. HECK, if I go on a four day vacation it takes me at least one point five days to stop freaking out and relax. 

It is HARD to do. It is hard to power down in this era of "on all of the time." 

If you don't, you will quit, get fired, end up in the hospital, have a stroke, get divorced. . . you get the gist. 


I don't want you to miss your life, so I made a guide, "8 Ways to Ensure Quality Time Off." 

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE. Get the guide here >>

(It takes a couple of minutes for the chimp to send the download link so don't freak out!)

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