Time Management for Freelancers

My Facebook Live this week is about time management for Freelancers. Everyone's favorite topic! 

You can watch the replay here.

I will do blog post transcript eventually that you can look at if you're more of a reader than a watcher. However, in the meantime, I mention a few tips and things in the video and I wanted to list them for you here. 


Chrome Extension

I mentioned a Chrome Extension to hide like notifications on your desktop version of Facebook so that you don't get distracted by likes. (You'll still see comments.) This seems to work for some people and not for others. It is worth a shot!

Call Scheduling Software

Acuity helps me allow my clients to schedule calls without a lot of back and forth emails. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it. It has saved me so much time. (That is an affiliate link. If you sign up I make a small commission. Enough to buy a tripod maybe. Ha! Inside joke for video watchers.)

PS: if you want to watch the Harry Styles video for Kiwi with cake and kids and puppies, that is here

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