List it!


Are the holidays slowing your business down? 

Trying to frantically get everything done? 

No time for planning?


Sure you can. If Susan can eat 4 plates at Thanksgiving Dinner (Susan is my tiniest friend. Thanksgiving is like an olympic sport  to her and it delights me.) you can do one thing to jump start your business in 2018. 

Make a List

Make one list. There are a few types of lists you can make, and Imma LIST them here, but just pick one list. If you make one list and you then do the things on your list, you'll stay focused and get ahead. 

Types of Lists

  • 2018 Big Goals List: I made this list last week while working on an extensive and wordy blog post for a guest blog. This is my over-arching list of things I want to accomplish in my business. It is hanging over my desk with my running medals and I look at it all the time. It is taunting me with item number 1, which is something I'm putting together for y'all. I have to do it or I AM WASTING MY TIME. Writing this down and looking at it means I'm going to do it. Spend some time on this and write down things you really want to commit to doing.
  • 2018 New Markets/ New Prospects List: We've discussed how notoriously bad I can be at marketing my services. This year I decided to change that and made a list of potential clients/partners and then emailed them. Where are there opportunities for you to share your knowledge and get paid for it? Make a list of specific companies you want to work for, places you want to speak, things you want to produce. Then get together what you need to send when you make contact. Then get ready to do it!
  • 2018 Quit List: THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIST! What are you doing in your business and in your life that isn't making you money, has poor ROI, doesn't allow for growth, is a dead end, causes you a lot of bad feelings, and isn't worth the trouble of worrying about? You could be on an HOA board. you could be the class Mom (and have been the class Mom for 10 years), you could be on 8 professional committees, you could be doing work that makes you want to throw your computer at the wall. What are you doing that you can quit and what are the steps you need to take to quitting? It could be as simple as giving notice: "As of XX date I will no longer be working on XX. I've enjoyed working on this project, but I'm refining my goals and I need to move on." You might need or want to refer a replacement. You might need to replace some revenue if you're stopping a certain type of work. Make the quit list and make the list of things you need to do in order to quit. 

    Y'all-I quit a few things this year that didn't align with my business goals and IT FELT SO GOOD. OMGGGGGGGGGG. And I'm making progress on other things. 

Alrighty-head on over to the FB Page and tell me what kinds of lists you're making! 

Freelancing and Identity

Freelancing and Identity

Freelancer: Make an offer - any offer!

Freelancer: Make an offer - any offer!