When It's Time to Quit Something

When It's Time to Quit Something


Sometimes you just have to quit something. Give it the heave ho. Say uncle. Cut your losses. Ignore sunk costs. Move on. 

Today I'm quitting my website. Specifically my Garden of Words website. It was only 2 years old but it DID. NOT. WORK. the way I needed it to. 

"Oh but it was pretty." Yeah, kinda. But also a confusing frankenhouse of MESS that didn't help me generate leads, didn't do a great job of selling my services, and was just TOO. MUCH. 

I hired an expert at all things internet marketing, the colleague of someone I've known and worked with for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, and I'm loving what she's done and how it's going. I needed SOMEONE ELSE to look at the mess and help me organize it. I was too close to my own stuff. Everything felt too important to keep or too scary to lose. I needed help so I got it. 

And, because when you hire my services, you're, essentially, buying ME, I'm on there. A lot. It freaks me out a little. Not gonna lie. (So is my husband Joe on one page. My web designer says that seeing him makes me human. If we're really gonna go there, it should be Harry Styles all over the place.)

Check it out >


I've been helping people with a variety of things that they're too close to or don't have time for: books, online courses, MailChimp funnels, business plans.

I'm a big fan of outsourcing to the pros when I can't/ don't have time/ don't want to do it myself. 

Ask yourself this question today: What can you outsource that you hate/aren't good at/ isn't brining you money? What would you rather pay someone else to do so you can bill at twice the hourly rate doing something you love? 

(I have people to mow my lawn, keep my books, do my graphic design, do research and data entry, and handle website design. Thanks guys!)


Here's what's rockin' my socks right now. 

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Everything about Copyediting.com. (Sign up for their Friday emails. They're golden!)

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This soup from Oh She Glows  (Errybody's gotta eat. This freezes well. If cashew cream freaks you out, just leave it out.)

Sunk Costs

Sunk Costs

Time for some Time Off!

Time for some Time Off!