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Hello Busy bee!

Have you dragged yourself here, exhausted, confused, overwhelmed, and thinking, "I'm drowning and I need to decide if I want to keep doing this or I want to get a 'job'"?

Or maybe you HATE corporate life and want to start freelancing but you just don't know how? 

Whether you're at the beginning of your freelance life or you're a veteran experiencing burnout, is just for you.

We offer tips, tricks, and musings on how to run a successful business. I learned the hard way, so you don't have to. 




The Blog: Freelancing Tips

Business management musings hand-written on the finest parchment and then delivered to you by carrier pigeon. (Just kidding. I typed all of it. AND you have to click to the blog to read it.) 

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About Us is the site Katie Elzer-Peters wished she'd had to reference when she was just starting out. After 10 years in business, and some hard knocks along the way, she's solved plenty of problems so you can have smooth sailing. Learn more: